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The hilarious true story about a New Jersey convenience store clerk who decided to make a movie about his dead-end job in the very placed he worked. Populated with local talent and funded with a stack of questionably scrounged credit cards, Kevin Smith and his misfit friends set out to make something relatable for the over-the-counter culture of 90s America.. 

Shooting Clerks is fully endorsed by Kevin Smith, who also serves as the film's executive producer, as well as 25+ members of the original 'Clerks' cast, all of which also appear in the film. 


Produced over the course of five years across two continents, from St. Andrews in Scotland to Highlands in New Jersey, The Clerk stands as a love letter to film and filmmaking as well as the source film and it's beloved creator. 

All characters Landscape THE CLERK 2019

The Clerk as featured on AMC's Comic Book Men season 7